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At Sagora Senior Living, we take pride in the unique qualities that define our communities. Just like no two zebras have the same stripes, our communities are tailored by the residents that inhabit them and the community that it surrounds. One key ingredient that ties us all together is the importance of a smart lifestyle, one that promotes activity and health while incorporating creative ways to have a good time. Below, you'll see some of our most popular activites that our residents love to participate in.


Beanbag Baseball:

Break out your peanuts and cracker jacks because it's time for baseball! Beanbag baseball that is. Beanbag baseball games happen at a number of Sagora communities, and the heat is always on to win. The game is simple enough: you throw handmade beanbags in holes that represent the bases. Just make sure you don't strike out!



Many of our Sagora communities are located on, or near, lakes and ponds. Residents often enjoy bringing their friends, so grab your pole and your friends and spend a nice sunny day fishing. We can't guarantee you'll catch a fish, but we can guarantee you'll catch some good sunshine!



Woodcarving clubs are one of the most creative activities around. Our resident woodcarvers gather on a weekly basis to work on their own projects, as well as teach others their craft. From Christmas ornaments to detailed person carvings, these carvers give beavers a run for their money on who can make something the fastest out of wood!


Wine Club Outings:

Resident wine club members not only attend weekly happy hours at Sagora communities, but also travel to nearby wineries, enjoy wine samplings at local restaurants, and visit other local venues to taste and learn about the wonderful culture of wine. Whether you have a taste for the finer things or just want to reminisce on a past trip to the Italian countryside, make sure and visit our Wine Club.


Painting Classes:

Pablo Picasso once said, "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." Whether you are an experienced painter or just a beginner, many of our communities offer weekly painting classes led by professionals to help you paint your own dream. Come experience our painting class and create a new masterpiece!

Lakeview Writers Guild

Book Clubs & Writers Guilds:

Book Clubs and Writers Guilds are also activities that many residents participate in. Pictured here, Lakeview at Josey Ranch holds regular Writers Guild meetings where residents and guests share their written words with hopes of getting published in the Newsletter, or in other media.