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Caregiver Stories

At Sagora, we believe the real life experiences of our seniors and their families is a valuable source of information and inspiration worth sharing with other families facing similar challenges and emotional decisions.


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    Elbert, with his Daughter, from our Rio Terra community

As we journey through life, there are "things" that help us along. We all have people, such as friends and family, that supports us, but sometimes it's the small things that help us get by. For Elbert, life was made easier by the wonderful music that a piano could create, especially when he was the one playing. Needless to say that when Elbert was looking for a new place to live with the help of family, finding a place with a piano became a must.

After a stay at a San Antonio senior living community, Elbert's daughters learned that Rio Terra had opened and since it was close to where they lived, they thought it would be worth checking out. With no appointment scheduled, Rio Terra's marketing team made them a top priority. Not only did they get to tour the community, but the associates were very knowledgeable about the stages of Alzheimer's and how they would care for Elbert one day at a time. With forgetfulness setting in during walks causing neighbors to worry and things as simple as remembering to turn the stove off becoming a bit more challenging, finding a smaller living community with a dedicated memory care area that could provide adequate attention became a priority. Even better was the fact that Rio Terra had a piano.

Elbert's daughters gained peace of mind not only because they are closer in proximity, but because they feel very confident in the current associates. "Rio Terra has friendly and caring associates that work as a team. Because of all the wonderful care received at Rio Terra, my Dad has found a home and has had no problems adjusting." Most importantly though, is that Elbert has found peace and happiness, which can be heard through his key strokes on the piano at Rio Terra.