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Our rental and purchase homes and lakefront homes offer elegant interiors, many with indoor and outdoor fireplaces, covered patios and boat docks on select lakefront plans. Enjoy worry-free retirement while taking advantage of Sagora's senior living amenities, such as our dining options, fitness and wellness programs, game rooms, and clubhouses with swimming pools. Come and go as you please and enjoy your independence while living in a spacious retirement community. 

Lakeview-Aquatics.jpgIndependent Living

Do you find yourself saying, "I have to..." more often than "I want to..." despite the fact that you're retired? The responsibility of home ownership and maintenance, household chores and cooking can take away from what retirement should be - liberating, comfortable and full of options.

At Sagora Senior Living's Independent Living communities, you wake up and the day is yours and yours alone. Our comfortable apartments, unparalleled service and numerous amenities mean you can finally let go of the "I have to..." mindset and start embracing the "I want to..." lifestyle. You have earned it! 

Waterview-Clayton-Leading-Fitness-Class.jpgAssisted Living

At Sagora Senior Living, we understand having people you can depend on is important.

Our Assisted Living communities provide additional support services and personal care for our residents when needed. We nurture health of the mind, the body and the soul. Our onsite nurses, therapists and associates aim to maximize your independence and comfort. This, combined with our five-star amenities, relaxing living spaces and enriching activities, gives you a secure home with a family of people you can trust. Depend on Sagora for a helping hand. 

Memory Care

Our memory care program is designed to meet the dynamic needs of families and seniors dealing with Alzheimer's, dementia and other memory-related diseases. Sagora provides a hospitable and calming environment for our residents. We closely monitor the current research and methods of treatment for these conditions, implementing practices that best care for our residents.

Each resident feels at home in a Sagora Senior Living community. Consistent sights, sounds, aromas and objects increase comfort and decrease anxiety. Residents have the freedom to interact with others or have privacy. Associates' communication with residents soothes and helps redirect their focus to positive memories and activities. We care, and it shows. 

Aberdeen-Heights-Vernon-and-Nurse-Sandy.jpgRespite Care

Providing care, assistance and attention to an ill or disabled loved one can be an around-the-clock commitment. If, for any reason, you should need a break from these responsibilities, call on Sagora Senior Living. Many of our communities offer respite care for seniors, if apartments are available. Our attentive associates will ensure continuation of any physical, emotional and/or medical regimen you have been providing.

Additionally, if you or a loved one is considering a move to one of our Independent Living or Assisted Living Communities, we invite you to enjoy a trial stay with us. Experience the dining, activities, accommodations and amenities of a Sagora community, amongst residents you may one day call your neighbors. We know once you get a taste of "the good life" with us, you'll never want to leave!