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Creative Expressions

Apr 1 2014

ArtistCreating art has long been known to have therapeutic benefits. Remarkable benefits are evident for older adults who participate in art therapy, socialization, brain fitness, and physical exercise programs. They have fewer doctor visits, use less medications, and have a lower rate of depression. The positive effects are amazing. The very act of creation is life-enhancing and nourishing for the spirit.

Some simple ideas include self-expression in art. By creating a tangible work of art, this shows personal expression of our memories; our new and old skills; and can even be useful or edible in our everyday life. Examples include painting a picture, collecting sea shells for a craft, or cooking and baking the old-fashioned way. Can you make a pie crust that is flaky and moist? That is a work of art that is mostly passed down from generation to generation.

Can a person with Alzheimer’s or a person who has had a stroke express themselves? Do they still have the ability to smile, to welcome a hug or to show pleasure? The answer is yes, and this ability continues long into the disease process. They are expressing themselves with us in a special way that needs no words. At Sagora our Pathways program supports person’s creative expression through memories art and other wonderful programs.

Senior adults are more engaged in life when they create through participation. Our wonderful Lifestyles programs and Pathways programs encourage purpose, create positive and powerful connections to past, present and future while offering many new opportunities for creative expression.

 What is your passion? Do you still have “bucket list” items that need expressing? Are you engaged in life or just living? What do you still feel you would like to accomplish? Are there still some unfulfilled dreams to work on? Start expressing your creativeness. Sign up for a Sagora art class or take part in the ingredient of the month program and set your creative food expression free! Let your creative spirit express all the ways that will keep you active, engaged and mentally sharp.