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Get a Boost from Laughter

Feb 4 2014

Ed_and_Lee_Wii_Challenge_small.jpegWhat can laughter do for you? It is a proven fact that laughing can soothe what ails you. From stimulating your heart, lungs and muscles, it can also increase endorphins (natural pain and stress relaxers) and even enhance your oxygen intake.

If you watched the movie "The Bucket List", you saw the two main characters laugh until they cried. This can clear the way for the immune system to kick in, and assist the body's pain levels to decrease. If we can all be happier, our bodies will thank us with good feelings.

When was the last time you had a true belly laugh? We are not talking about a chuckle...we mean a roar of laughter, laugh until you cry kind of laugh. If your life has taken some deeply serious turns lately and you have not experienced much fun, then the time to begin is now. See the humor in everyday experiences. Create some moments of fun - you'll find that life can look different.

We have all known folks who are "born" comedians. They seem to possess the gift of finding humor when others look at the same situation and want to shriek. Who is healthier?

What kind of humor do you enjoy? The old Lucy shows have been around for over 50 years and they still make younger generations laugh. Have you watched Comedy Central or re-visited some old movies that made you laugh? This may be your chance to rev-up your immune system.

Find your laugh trigger, allow yourself to just be funny sometimes. Bring a joke to a gathering. A support group setting is safe and ripe for good belly laughs. The other families who attend would welcome your humor and embrace the benefits of laughter. It will not make the problems go away, but it will make it easier to handle the hard life choices and changes that we are facing!

Peggy Connelly