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New Years Resolutions and Habits for a Healthy Lifetime

Jan 2 2014

boxing.jpegResearch is showing us that following a healthy lifestyle confers surprisingly large benefits to health - healthy behaviors have a far more beneficial effect than any medical treatment or procedure. Study results have shown that very few people follow a fully healthy lifestyle. When we keep hearing that exercise and a healthy diet are good for us, we may "tune out" and say "I know all about it". But sometimes repetition is the only way to break old habits and learn good behavior.

We have learned that what is good for your heart is also good for your head. Following that exercise program, making better eating choices, getting restful sleep, and keeping engaged socially are all necessary ingredients for a healthy lifetime. Balance and budgets are the two most important ingredients to make new lifetime habits for 2014. Knowing that we can make balance happen in ways that work for us may take some calculations, creativity and life changes.

Budgeting our time and energies to make this all flow smoothly will give you a fresh perspective. In January, take the calendar and look it over for spaces to create the new habits. If you make the time to go to the market once a month, you can make your own healthy snack in the evening if you choose. If you have no energy to complete a work-out, then maybe a nap is what your body needs with some yoga and gentle stretching another day. Listening to our bodies is so very important. It will always tell you what you need if you tune-in carefully. Most of us just go about our day with tasks to complete and missions to accomplish. Stopping to smell the roses is how we can create wellness and balance within our lives with just a few tweaks in our "budget" everyday.

Keeping our minds engaged is a must do habit. Making it a priority to learn a new skill like taking up a foreign language, perhaps reintroducing yourself to your high school musical instrument, or even challenging friends on a new computer game will help to keep those brain cells fired up and re-charged.

Often the need to socialize with family, friends and even our day to day interactions become our lifeline. These face to face meetings give us the validation and encouragement to carry on our daily mission. We need a village to keep the balance and budgets flowing. Make your 2014 resolutions to create and live more balanced. Everything can change with a more positive attitude, a wellness checkup and giving yourself the lasting gift of inner peace and harmony.

Happy New Year!
Peggy Connelly