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Quieting The Mind

Feb 10 2014

Resident_Reading_Paper_by_Lake_Waterview_Point.jpgOne of the things that most people are striving for in one way or another is a quiet mind. Books, audios, and courses abound promising to teach techniques for achieving inner peace, reduced stress, less worry, and peace of mind. Yet, curiously, many of these programs seem to add to the number of should dos; ought to dos; or must dos that fill our already-noisy brains.

Chronic states of stress can harm our body, mind, and spirit. This may in turn contribute to poor sleeping or eating habits and poor overall health.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, the spirit is a crucial part of our health and wellness. Nourishing, honoring and addressing our spirit can be as important as maintaining a healthy weight, blood pressure and keeping social even when we feel too tired.

There is a profound difference between the act of "meditating" and the state of "meditation."

Meditating is an activity that, at its best, “guides” people into a state of meditation -- the inner stillness or "a quiet mind." Meditation increases brain activity in an area of the brain associated with happiness, positive thoughts and emotions. Attending Sagora fitness programs dedicated to relieving stress and promoting calm such as swimming, yoga or tai-chi are also wonderful additions to a peaceful daily routine.

 Caregiving can also lead to stressful situations at times. It has to be one of the hardest things we will ever be called to do. Knowing how to quiet our mind will benefit us in so many ways. Have you ever gotten “annoyed” at things that disturb the peace? People, traffic, unwelcome sounds such as the television left on and the phone ringing can all be irritating sources of noise, especially when you are trying to meditate! Turn off what you can and give it the best effort you can. Sometimes just a little quiet will make a difference in how we respond to the next demands put upon us.

 When we are able to find our calm and quiet minds for a time, we know our spirit is being nourished and rested. The body, mind and spirit will thank you.


Peggy Connelly