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Travel: The Ultimate Soul Food

Aug 11 2014



A program of Armchair Reminisce is for residents who want to take an adventure but not have to pack a suitcase for a week. Some of us could pack a workable suitcase with an hour’s notice and some of us would laboriously detail, fold, and monitor every item three times before it got into the suitcase. However you did it, it was the right way for you!


Travel is important because it can fundamentally transform us. We may be able to experience a culture, a country of origins’ history, and how ancestors lived firsthand. Travel can reveal great personal treasures, help us to regain enthusiasm for life, and give us some incredible ah-ha moments.


Where do you want to go? What do you want to see? Do you have a “bucket list” of places you want to savor and experience? Let’s grab a bag of popcorn and some lemonade and go to our favorite armchair or theatre and “go there”. We can be in “Casablanca” in a few minutes or the Deep South in “Gone with the Wind” or how about Bond, James BondinDr. No”


Recently some friends took a trip to Mount Vernon in Virginia. This was the home/plantation of George Washington. On a tour of the gardens, they are still growing the “Heirloom” vegetables and plants. These seeds are precious and have fed generations of families. This is amazing and beautiful -- to know you are eating and experiencing the same kind of foods and greenery that George and Martha did in the 1700’s gives you a “feel” for the way things were and the importance of these basic treasures to sustain life.


A German friend who is over 85 just got back from an amazing journey to see Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. He decided this was where he wanted to explore this year. Every year he does a big trip and visits as many museums and cultural events as possible. He has explored the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean Islands. His wife died a few years ago from Alzheimer’s disease and he decided to change his life from one of caregiving and nursing homes to one of adventure, foreign foods and different cultures. He is thriving. He is a sought after guest for parties and gatherings. His life is rich with stories and how to live by himself but never be alone.


What do you want to explore next? Is it a new restaurant, the hardware store, locate a special French lace for a granddaughters’ wedding dress or perhaps visit a historic place in your locale? There are many opportunities if we search them out.


Travel gets in our blood. It can expand our thinking and awareness; and it offers relief from boredom. Get out of that funk…get moving and onto the next adventure. Any genealogist will tell you that finding one ancestor leads to the next one and the next one and on and on. How they traveled, and in what manner, is amazing; from small ships that sailed across the seas to covered wagons and by foot. Their travels were a lot more dangerous than ours are today. Let’s take a little time now and start packing our bags for the train, car, airport, library, internet, travel channel, or the armchair’s next adventure!