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Meet Linda

linda-rio-terra.jpgLinda began teaching fitness classes at Rio Terra in 2009, and came on board as Lifestyles Director in 2013. She’s worked with seniors since the late 90’s in various senior programs including fitness and overall health at the YMCA, local gyms and senior centers. Linda’s passion is living a healthy life and encouraging others to do the same. She enjoys having fun with health and getting our residents to see fitness as a fun activity while understanding the benefits of staying active.

Seeing our residents have better days, enjoying their days, and participating in activities that they did not think they could take part in is always the best part of Linda’s days. Linda represents healthiness and has a great outlook on life. Understanding the importance of health has always been vital to her, and this has become even more important after working with seniors. She can immediately tell who has lived active lives and who has not, and she loves convincing those who have not that it’s not too late to begin.

After working with seniors for so many years, Linda understands how much better our lives can be if we don’t stop moving and having fun. She lives by the saying, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for”, and makes choices every day to stand by this philosophy. Linda’s positive outlook has had a profound affect on all of us, and it’s a joy to have her serve as Lifestyles Director at Rio Terra.